Stranger than you dreamt it
  • STRANGER THAN YOU DREAMT IT: Has your curiosity ever gotten you into trouble?

not trouble per say, but i’ve definitely done some things i’ve somewhat regretted later because i was curious what they’d be like to, uh, experience :)

Angel of Music, Little Lotte, and The Phantom of the Opera :)

already done two, sorry oops! thank you though! but

  • LITTLE LOTTE: What was your favorite book as a young child?

the first one that comes to mind is a wrinkle in time by madeleine l’engle. i wasn’t SUPER young, i read it in second grade, but it literally changed the way i think about the universe. still one of my absolute favorites xx

overture, angel of music, phantom of the opera, twisted every way? (come be drunk and bored w me)
  • OVERTURE: What is your favorite instrument?

violin, i’ve been playing since i was six! (though i’ve always absolutely loathed practicing…)

  • ANGEL OF MUSIC: What are some fictional figures that keep you chasing your dreams?

elizabeth bennet, harry potter, amy pond, girl …. x

  • THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA: Who is your favorite Artist/Performer/Composer?

ooh..composer? dvořák. :) 

  • TWISTED EVERY WAY: What was a really hard decision you had to make?

hmm maybe my college decision..trying to tell myself everyday that i didnt make the wrong decision, but a lot of times i think i did. :/ 

Phantom of the Opera Song/Ask List

riveraria asked:
4,8,21,22 <3 ya!

ahhh thanks bb <3 x

  • 4: What’s something you really want right now?

broadway tickets? a NYC apartment? all of the above? :)

  • 8: What’s the background on your cell?

the picture of me and joanna at stage door at joanna’s last show xxx

  • 21: If you knew you had the right person, would you marry them today?

ahh probably not TODAY id wait until i was like….twenty something and plan a nice wedding haha

  • 22: Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?

considering the fact that he decided to never text me again after we hooked up, probably not

"I really like playing other people. There is no other feeling like it, to have a different voice come out of you and to have a different life for a couple of hours.

myamelia asked:
timshel, babel, reminder, hopeless wanderer xxxxx

hey thanks! xx 

  • TIMSHEL: Someone who is always there for you?

literally. so. stupid. but my mom uwu. i think some of my internet friends are getting there too but i haven’t known them long enough. but literally none of my reallife friends : / 

  • BABEL: Most courageous thing you’ve ever done?

i’ve literally sat here thinking about this for the last five minutes and i had the worst year of my life my junior year of high school and i had medical problems and went into really severe depression but i made it through and i think that’s the most courageous thing i’ve ever done.

  • REMINDER: The person who put this in your ask wants you to remember that you are loved.

thank you so much oh my god you too xxx

  • HOPELESS WANDERER: A place you want to visit?

austria and/or switzerland, oh my god ever since i was six years old and watched the sound of music with my grandmother i’ve always wanted to go there. xxxx


true friendship is making up headcanons together and crying

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Laura Benanti teaches a Master Class for young actors